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Farmer's Markets in Richmond Expand with Point Richmond Debut


The Point Richmond Farmerís Market made its third Wednesday appearance yesterday with much acclaim. A certified market operated by the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association, the market runs every Wednesday from 4:00 P to 8:00 PM. It is a real community event. There is music and a lot of visiting, a party-like atmosphere.

The Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association (PCFMA) is not-for-profit organization that operates and promotes farmers' markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. PCFMA is driven by its mission to serve California's small farmers by creating and sustaining economic opportunities through these farmers' markets.

Recognizing the potential of farmers' markets to not only be vibrant economic outlets but also vibrant community centers, PCFMA also works to build and sustain a sense of community at each of its markets and to use the markets to educate the public about issues of nutrition and local agriculture.

PCFMA's community education efforts include its innovative Cookin' the Market program which brings live cooking demonstrations to farmers' markets and other community events, and other activities and partnerships focused on educating young children so they can begin at an early age to make healthy decisions.

Check the calendar page for a list of farmers' markets and special events happening this week.

Some comments on the new Point Richmond farmerís Marke from Chowhound:

         What a nice farmers market. It was very pleasant strolling the tree-lined streets with shops, restaurants and areas to sit. Here's a picture from Point Richmond Online http://www.pointrichmond.com/09/09StrollFarmerMarket.jpg

         There was a really good group of vendors also. http://www.pcfma.com/marketproducers....

         The big hit seemed to be Sara's Pies of Pinole. By time I got there at 5:30 she was sold out. There were apple, strawberry rhubarb and some other pie.

         There were a few vendors not on the list. Pirate's Bounty was selling peanut brittle - plain, coconut and butter rum. The butter rum sample was nice.

         Narsai David had a stand selling condiments and sauces. The chutney was good. I've always been a fan of Narsai's mustards. It is the only Dijon mustard I've ever liked. All I sampled were tasty.

         Ceccini & Ceccini will be selling asparagus there the next two weeks. Haven't tried it yet, but the prices were good, as low as $2.75 lb, and the spears looked good.

         Another nice thing is that this is the only farmers market in this part of the East Bay on Wednesday. The closest otherwise is San Leandro.

         A welcome addition to the market today was the Kensington Marmalade Company, Despite my best intentions I never get over to the Kensington Sunday market, so it is nice to have this more availble to me. The blood orange I sampled was lovely. I've been enjoying the Stafford's Picnic Jam I bought a while back. Also tasty is the Rangpur Lime & Valencia Orange http://www.kensingtonmarmalade.com/ra...

         As far as produce, IMO, Chao Farm is the star here. It is a tiny stand at the end of the market near Hidden City Cafe. They don't have a large variety of produce, but what they have is prime ... and great prices.

         For $2 a basket I had some of the best strawberries I've had in a long, long time. They were smaller than usual and the sign said 'picked this morning'. They picked them at peak ripeness and they were so fragrant. I mixed some with some plain yogurt and the juciness and sweetness were enough. I didn't need any sweetner.

         They also had the sweetest, plumpest sweet peas for $2 a basket. Each fat little pod was packed with peas. They sell onions, garlic and a few other items.

         One stand selling Asian veggies had beautiful pea shoots. Their cucumbers were great also and only $1 lb.

         I have to give this market credit for having some of the best prices. Most market seem stuck in the $2 track. There were oranges for 85 cents lb and some stone fruit for $1.50

         I also noticed the sign about the German restaurant. I hope it is successful! It's too bad they can't be ready sooner to take advantage of the Point Richmond Summer Music Festival that begins next month. It's held on the second Friday of the month and in September, the second and fourth Friday. It would be nice to listen to some tunes then walk over to get a bite to eat.

         There was some great looking produce and fruit, all at reasonable prices. Glad to know I can stock up to get me through to the weekend when I go to the Marin Farmers' Market on Sundays.