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Train Violation Reporting Made Easier, Two New Quiet Zones Filed

The reporting forms for train violations have been completely revamped to make them easier and more effective to use. There are now two separate forms, one for Quiet Zone violations and the other for grade crossing violations.


1.       Quiet Zones in the City of Richmond

Routine sounding of train horns is prohibited at designated "quiet zone" rail crossings. For more information about Quiet Zones in the City of Richmond, click here.


2.    Trains Blocking Crossings in the City of Richmond

Under state law, trains are not permitted to occupy or block crossings for longer than 10 minutes unless they are continuously moving through the crossing in the same direction, or ther is no vehicle or pedestrian waiting at the crossing.  For more information about Trains Blocking Crossings in the City of Richmond, click here.


In related news, notices of Intention to Create the “West Three” and “West Four” Quiet Zones were issued today by the City Attorney’s Office on March 26.