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Catahoula Coffee Company - a Community Based Business

I don’t think there is a business in Richmond that works harder and is more successful than Timber Manhart’s Catahoula Coffee Company at building community. This neighborhood coffee roastery works about 25 hours a day at making Richmond a better place and giving the North and East Neighborhood a village center.


As if great coffee weren’t enough, Catahoula brings music, an organic farmer’s market, poetry and a car show to San Pablo Avenue. And they are partnering with local non-profits, like East Brother Lighthouse, to help provide volunteer services.


Following is a glimpse of what is going on at Catahoula this month!


Catahouligan Expresso – Feb 2009


Greetings to everyone!!  Where did January go!?  What the heck happened!!  Is it really February!?   With all this harsh NorCal Winter Weather we’re having….I now understand how I kinda’ lost a month there……But we’ll survive these wicked winter 70’ days coupled with those brutal sunny days.  Hold steady my lil’ Catahouligans, Spring will be upon us soon.


So let’s get to it….plenty to type about in this installment. 



Music:   Mark your calendars  


  • Sunday - FEBRUARY 8th – 10AM to 12noon

Ragtime Skedaddlers

Please join us in welcoming this new band to Catahoula Coffee.  The Ragtime Skedaddlers are a unique hometown folksy group who will be pickin’ their strings from 10AM to Noon.  



  • Wednesday Nite:   MARCH 4TH  -  7pm to 8:45pm


Please join us at Catahoula Coffee for a Musical Junket Triof Contemporary Folk/Jazz.  This evening gig may be the start of something.  Harry Gray, I believe he would be the “H” in the ASH, would like this to be an ongoing event at Catahoula Coffee.  He hopes to have fellow artists join in with the band, sort of an Expresso Jam.   More info to come concerning this event…so start practicing those three cords.


John Bob and Playboys, Éclair de Lune and few a other acts are queuing up to play at Catahoula Coffee in the very near future.  We had the Wild Catahoulas from Santa Rosa interested in playing at our café…but space constraints and to be honest, money was a deterrent.  Love to have them come down and play…but maybe in the future.

Stay Tuned!


It is sad to report the Catahoula’s Valentine Day Massacre featuring the Acoustically Challenged Funk Punk has been cancelled due to a parole hearing.  Maybe next year…


Again: Support Your Local Artists – Otherwise they might move away!!




First Annual Catahouligan Car Show:  SATURDAY - MARCH 14th **

Yep, you heard right….and a Car Show that only Catahoula Coffee can pull off.  This car show will feature Classic, Funky and Tuners from our own growing Catahouligan population.  Please give it a consideration to sign up for one of the three classifications.  Space will be limited so sign up early.  March 14th 10am to 1pm.


  • TUNERS:       Sponsored by Tomas Sport Tuning – “Meet the Tooners”
  • ROVERS:       Have you NOT noticed all the oil sports in the parking lot?
  • CLASSICS:    All ends of the spectrum: Lotus to Nash / Art Car to Collectable


  • Festive Neighborhood event to encourage local Catahouligans to hang out in a parking lot for a few hours. 
  • Must be a Card Carrying Catahouligan or a Catahouligan in Training.
  • Limited space available - BBQ available  -  Working on the outdoor music
  • Family Event – Fun for all ages


***  This is a tentatively scheduled event. ***




Not much to report.  I’m just roasting like a mad man.  The Mokka Java, Indian Monsoon and of course the Lola; “She’s so sweet”, have really been flying out the door. 


I really appreciate your support, especially in the face of such troubling times.  I am committed in giving you value in the coffee you buy at Catahoula Coffee and not overpriced attitude.   That is personal thanks from me and my staff!!


I will most likely be heading to Costa Rica in March 09’.  I will be visiting an estate and quite literally be picking the lot for Catahoula Coffee.  Of course I will throw my arm around a local, take a obligatory picture and claim I source all my own beans.  But heck, it’s a start, eh! 


Coffees in Production:

El Salvador (FTO / PN), Peru (FTO), Sumatra Royal Water Process Decaf (O), Costa Rica (FTO /Micro Lot),  Sulawesi (O), Sumatra Manhdeling (O), Mokka-Java, Rwanda, Monsoon (blend of Indian and Java Monsoon), Yemen and of course Lola, she's so sweet.   (Please note:  Ricky's Buzz Blend – South/Central Americans & Indonesia coffees and Ethiopian Harar "Horse" DP are micro roasted by order.  You tell me…I roast it!) 


Shout Out

Slowly but surely the word is spreading about our own little roaster; Catahoula Coffee.  Catahoula Coffee is not for everyone and quite certainly; Everyone is NOT for Catahoula Coffee.  My goal is to align ourselves, not in a snobby sort of way, but to work with folks who enjoy the Liquid Culture of Coffee.  Here are few new additions to the Catahoula family: 

  • Honig Vineyards:  Napa, CA  www.honigwine.com   Apparently it takes Good Coffee to make Great Wine!!
  • Sit and Stay Café – Mudpuppy’s:  Richmond, CA  www.mudpuppy.com  You can now enjoy a cuppa Houla whilst you walk your beloved pooch.  Great synergy between our two companies.  
  • McKesson Corp – 2nd Floor:   SF, CA - Tracy Webber, who is exceedingly friendly and well informed, of the Vision Center has been one of the earliest supporters of Catahoula Coffee. 
  • Rowe Sanctuary:  Gibbon, NE -  www.rowesanctuary.org  500,000 birds can’t be wrong.  Incredible display of God shaking out his celestial sheets when these birds take flight, in unison.  Absolutely biblical!!!   Sourced:  Bird Friendly – Shade Grown Coffee to be sold in their gift shop.   


Other News:


The Monthly Coffee Club:  Is beginning to build steam.  

One and a Half Pounds:  $20.00 Delivered

For those Catahouligans who live outside of our fair city of Richmond, CA – You now have a chance to purchase 1 ½ pounds of Catahoula Coffee  and have it delivered on a monthly basis. You pick your favorite coffee and I will choose a ½ pound of the "Roast Master's Choice"  

All for $20, Freight Paid.

  • Sign Up
  • Credit Card will be on File
  • You Pick the Pound - and a half pound will be included (a sample of new coffee)
  • Sent USPS Priority to insure freshness.



I am hoping the new Order Portal on the new website will be up and running.   Future upcoming articles being published in Diablo Magazine and possibly, knock on wood, in Coffee Review (Lola) will create a buzz for our coffee.  I am frantically trying to tie up the loose ends and get the website up and running by March.   Wish me luck!!


That’s about it folks….I’m sure I am missing something...Oh Check out: www.madmeatgenius.com

A write up about Catahoula Coffee


take care,   timber