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WCCUSD to Receive $27 Million from Stimulus Package

Adding to the confusion about school closures and modernization funding, the stimulus package, if passed by the Senate and signed into law, will provide $26 million for WCCUSD, including $10 million for construction. See http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/california2009Stimulus.pdf


The method for determining how much money each District will receive is based on "Title 1" students (from low income families). The Districts with the higher amount of Title 1 students are to receive a greater share of the funds. The dollar amount on the far right side is the amount they are to receive over 2 years. This money is completely separate from whatever they will eventually get from the State once the budget is settled

- California schools are scheduled to receive a total of $1.4 billion

- Once  the Feds enact the Stimulus Plan, the Feds are to send the funds to the State within 30 days.

-The State has 30 days to send the allocated funds to the Local Education Agency (LEA) within 30 days of receiving the funds from the Feds.

- A Key Feature of the Plan is that it is to SUPPLEMENT not SUPPLANT maintenance dollars the State owes to the districts. (It's unknown whether the State will pay Districts any withholdings.  Most likely as we recover, the State will not.)

- The LEA must have 50% of the funds received under contract within one year of receiving.

- The LEA must have ALL the funds under contract within two years.

- The LEA must provide complete accounting of the contracts to the State and the State is required to provide a full accounting to Feds by 2011.

 There are set rules for where and how the funds can be spent:

  - Repair and Modernization; however, the funds cannot be used on new-construction (discussed below) because dollars intended to be spent quickly.

  - American with Disabilities Act improvements

  - Fire alarm systems

  - Asbestos and lead-based paint abatement

  - Mold remediation

  - Technology infrastructure

  - Energy conservation

  - Pedestrian access

  - Work that facilitates an improvement to teachers' ability to teach and students' ability to learn. (Cannot buy computers, furniture, etc.)

  - Work that facilitates an improvement to ensure health of students and staff.

  - Work that facilitates an "  improved energy efficiency.

  - Work that facilitates an reducing class sizes. (an addition to a school 

Funds CANNOT be used for:

- Ongoing costs such as payroll

- Competitive athletic facilities

- Facilities where admission is charged to the general public

Special Provisions:

- Minority, women, veteran businesses

- 25% GREEN - California may require CHPS or LEED standards are followed to meet this requirement or may adopt some other standard

- Use of U.S. Steel preferred

Regarding new construction:

-There is a separate clause in the Stimulus Plan for tax credits to be provided for new construction of $22.4 billion for State schools.  This clause will be clarified and spelled out soon.

- It cannot yet be determined if funds from stimulus plan can replace money requested from OPSC; this indicates districts can proceed with construction knowing the State will reimburse Fed money when able.

There are several unanswered questions especially regarding using the Fed money as a stopgap for funds previously committed by the State and then having the State replace the Fed money to prevent Districts from losing out.

There is also an additional $4 billion for State schools, from elementary to universities, as general bailout money for financial failure.