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Arrest Warrant Issued for Richmond Train Cited for Blocking Grade Crossing

In mid-December 2008, a complaint was received that a train had been blocking crossing at Marina Bay for an extended of period of time . A police officer was sent to investigate, and subsequently issued a misdemeanor citation.  The arraignment was set for 45 days, but last week no one from the BNSF bothered to show up for the scheduled arraignment, so, at the request of assistant city attorney Trisha Aljoe, the Judge issued a $5,000 arrest warrant for the BNSF conductor, a Mr. Doyle.. 


The maximum time a crossing can be blocked by a train switching (starting, stopping, changing direction) is 10 minutes. Go to http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/Forms.asp?FID=82 to file a complaint with the City of Richmond, which has now shown that we mean business.