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2009 Richmond Bay Trail New Year Report

From Friends of the Bay Trail in Richmond:


Click Here for the upbeat New Year Report for the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond prepared by TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee.  By reading both sides of the report, you will learn about advances made during 2008 and plans for completing five to six miles of new trail during 2009 resulting in over 30 miles of Bay Trail in Richmond.


Please share this email with your friends and invite them to join the Richmond Bay Trail Network at no cost by contacting tracbaytrail@earthlink.net.  You might also consider printing the report and displaying it on your coffee/tea/cocktail tables to entertain and enlighten guests.


TRAC hopes that you will get out to enjoy the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond during 2009.  See the Richmond Bay Trail Calendar for service opportunities to give back to the Bay Trail, as well as special events for exploring and savoring the Bay Trail.  The web sites below have maps and information about trailside recreational, natural and cultural attractions.


Thanks very much for your support toward completing the Bay Trail in Richmond.


            TRAC Steering Committee



phone/fax 510-235-2835